When I go to bed, I try to determine if I've wasted my finite allotment of time. Somedays are damn productive, others are simply a step closer to death. Here are some of the things that let me live with the ticking clock:

-Quality time with the wifey
-Spending time with friends
-Reading a book or zine
-Writing something
-Eating/drinking something very tasty
-Fighting entropy
-Listening to music
-Watching a movie

I guess this isn't a complete list. I just started writing it out but those are the big ones, I suspect. Somedays I do none of those. On the days when I'm recharging, that's fine. Sometimes you gotta put some gas in the tank.

And yet. And yet. There are days where I am worn down by the futility of trying to do something. It is infinitely preferable to do rather than simply to be.