I love the new movement:
Property Damage for Social Justice!

Protesters who clamoured for Nikes two years ago are now fighting "capitalism". Right...

Mankind is greedy. It is simply not enough to have enough. It is not even enough to have more. If everyone gets more, well, I haven't come out ahead, have I? That's the problem. People need to have more than you. Is this the instinct that allowed us to survive the beasts and storms of our early days of sentience? Well, that's great because, while it might have been useful when we were trying not to freeze or starve to death, we're royally screwed now that there's so many of us that we live hundreds of feet in the air.

Communism won't fly because a) mankind is too greedy and b) communism requires direction and those in charge are greedy. Capitalism doesn't fly because it creates two classes, those who have and those who have not. The have-nots will always outnumber the haves and then we return to the familiar riots in the streets, M. Guillotine and New World Order. New World Order, by the way, is just a reset. The cycle of redistribution is only an initial condition that results, eventually, in New World Order II.

Socialism seems to be the best bet. My definition of socialism is this: We all agree to a basic, minimum standard. Everyone has a right to meet that standard. However, you have the right to surpass that standard as far as you are able. We each have a duty to contribute to that standard. People are taken care of but greed still has its outlet. Any system that fails to take into account the selfish and short-sighted nature of people is doomed to failure a priori.

The real fight is for transparency. The Freedom of Information Act is one of the greatest innovations in modern history. America has some brilliant political ideas from time to time. It's a shame they get lost in the muddle of the nasty, brutish and short lives of politicians. Decisions must be brought to light. Only the foulest deeds seek the cloak of shadows.

For those of you who play Diplomacy, think on this: imagine if all talks were to be made public. The first person to speak of crushing (naturally, someone who can do the crushing) will spark a rush of "get you before you get me". That's because the goal of Diplomacy is not to live in peace but rather to crush your "opponents".

If only every one else was not an opponent.