You know, it would be pretty damn sweet if people refused to join military organizations. But then militias would rise up and anarchy would rule once again. People are crazy. As long as desire can be denied, as long as will can be thwarted, men will close their fists and throw their rocks. Our instinct to do violence has allowed us to survive but now that we are past survival it is our own violence which threatens us the most. The line between brave and foolish is often noted but who will note the line between destruction and self-destruction?


I imagine that a really satisfying afterlife would be one where we could travel through time and space at will forever and ever. You could watch yourself through time, others, historical events, travel throughout the cosmos.

Imagine finding life on other planets, watching the birth of the Sun, finding out what people said about you when you weren't around. You would be forced to learn the real truth about all sorts of things. You would be compelled to watch your horrible mistakes, to relive to your worst moments (how could you not?!). You could revisit your greatest triumphs and those of mankind. Imagine watching the first fish pop out of the water for a breath of air!

You could endlessly experience anything you wanted as a silent and invisble observer. Who needs a god to stand in judgment when you have yourself and an endless list of peers?


I didn't want this to be a collection of links but these are awesome. Found at a site I only just discovered: www.aldaily.com

AIDS in Zambia

Humans Wage War

I survived.

I am sad that I lost my ring. I figured I would eventually (I know myself at least that well) and I'll probably do it again...


Well, before I get myself obliterated by an angry wife, I might as well jot this down.

I don't worry too much about things like overpopulation or climate change and things like that. It's sad that we might cause so much avoidable suffering but it's tempered by the knowledge that the guilty party gets its just desserts.

These things correct themselves one way or another. It's heartening to know that 99.9% of the species on Earth were wiped out at one point. And here we are. Our future ant overlords should learn a lesson or two from our corpses...
I just found out that I lost my wedding ring. I took it off for a soccer game and gave it to the coach to hold (as had other people). I forgot to get it off him after the game because we had just won the season championship. Now, he can't find the ring.

This blog may be ending sooner than I thought.