Make a fist with your hand. Pop out your thumb like you're giving a thumb's up. Put your thumb back in your fist. Think about how that thumb wayyyy down there moved.

You wanted it to move. You commanded it to move. The impulse travelled down your spine, down your arm, to the hand and flexed exactly right to move your thumb. It's all so transparent to you that it is actually very difficult to contemplate it objectively.

That thumb moving is YOU. That is the grand sum total of direct influence YOU have on this universe. Everything else is indirect.

The sad news is, eventually, even the body betrays. Which is why I appreciate and live in Wonder of my own body while it still functions reasonably well.

My body is a temple? No, it is levers and pulleys. It is haiku and limerick. It is medic and warrior. It is summer and winter. It is mine and I love it.