I'm not particularly religious. I have a degree in physics so right away you know I'm one of those logical, "proof-wanting" losers. I have very little respect for religion as it is a man-made endeavour and it is, at best, a fallible interpretation.

But that doesn't mean I can't have a sense of spirituality. I think the universe we live in is amazing. Water is less dense solid than it is liquid. If you don't understand how bizarre that is, I'm not sure I can explain myself to you.

The following things make me feel spiritual:
-Planetary rings
-The transparency of the Earth's atmosphere to visible and radio EM waves

I could go on and on. And just so you don't think I only get science-erections, here's a few more:
-A genuine smile from my wife
-The American Constitution (plus the Bill of Rights)
-True stories from friends
-Sunsets (cliche but anyone who isn't moved by a good one should have their eyes removed and given to a blind kid)

The universe is a big place and it's so strange to me that I'm here and I can grasp just enough of it to taste its sweetness.