I posted this elsewhere today, I figure it should get an echo here:

In a star there are two pressures at work, gravity and heat. When a star's core has fusion run out of control, the overdose of energy is released as heat which expands the core. The expansion slows the rate of fusion since it gets less dense (the less crowded those atoms are, the less chances they have of smashing together). Less fusion means the bigger core can't stay as hot and cools down. As it cools, gravity kicks in and starts to collapse the over-inflated core. The whole thing starts to crowd into the center-of-mass. Which makes the star get more dense, which ups the rate of fusion, etc, etc. Eventually equilibrium is reached and the star just sits there spitting out a bazllion photons for the convenience of our eyeballs.

That's my take on how people/society work. We fuck up enough and we start to figure out that we're headed straight for the paleontology museum for our future ant overlords. Corrective action is taken. If none is taken, well, vines and seeds have grown over all sorts of funtastic former-civilizations.

I figure we'll either kill ourselves off or figure out that the last chamber holds a bullet in time. It's the only reason I'm not in some clock-tower. Why rush it?

Alternatively, you can get behind this movement.